March 5th Sportsman's Show

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Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 8:00am

Hello PVSA Sportmans Show Fans,

It may be cold outside but our March 5th Sportsman's Show is heating up.  Spring is just around the corner and our dealers and sellers have some great shooting and outdoor items. So stop by one of the largest Outdoor Sports Shows in Northern Illinois and have a great time.   

We continue with the hugely popular free door prize and food give away for each show.  All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter, you'll receive newsletter the following month. Print the two attached tickets, bring them to the show and you'll be entered for free door prizes given away at the show and a free food item.  We’ll also have a dealer/table prize given out at each show.  All entries will be kept from each show and at the end of the year a grand prize will be drawn (see door and grand prize rules below).  The Door Prize drop off is at the PVSA raffle table.  Please take the time to check out what we are raffling each month. Be sure to stop by the PVSA raffle table before you leave to see if you have won a door prize. 

If you want to sell any of your unneeded or unwanted sporting goods, you can rent a table and sell those items at the show.  Our show chairman Mike will set you up right and help you out any way he can.  New dealers are always welcome!  For more info on a reserving a table, please go to to to the Dealer section of this website.   

Doors open at 8:00 AM and we have plenty of parking and an entrance from both the east and west sides of the building. If you're bringing a firearm to the show, please double check to make sure it's unloaded and it must remain cased while moving about the show.  Safety is our top priority. 

Be sure to stop by our kitchen and try some great breakfast or lunch items.  Art our Kitchen Chairman does a great job providing high quality comfort food! 

2017 Show Schedule:

March 5

April 2

April 30

The PVSA Sportsman's show is brought to you by the members of Pioneer Valley Sportsman's Association (a not-for-profit organization).  Our members are dedicated to the preservation of fishing, hunting and the shooting sports.  

Come out, have some fun and don't forget to bring those Free Food and Door Prize Tickets!!!  

See you at the show!




Official Door Prize Rules: One door prize entry per person per show.  One winning door prize per person per show.  The door and grand prize drawings can be cancelled at any time.  The number, type and value of the prizes given away at each show may vary.  Winners must be a paid PVSA Sportsman’s Show attendee and present to win a monthly door prize. Grand prize winner need not be present.  The monthly winner’s name will be announced three times following a drawing.  Winners failing to respond to the announcement of their name forfeit the prize.  Prizes won by a person under 18 if considered inappropriate by PVSA for a child will be awarded to the parent or guardian only if present.  Any prize winning ticket with an illegible name or  phone number will not be eligible for  any prize.  Door prize tickets  are good only for the show printed on them and entry in the grand prize.  Door prize tickets have no monetary value.  Door Prize tickets are good only as long as the items quantity lasts at each show or as limitations are stated on the coupon.  A substitute item(s) may be provided for any drawing. Only official PVSA newsletter or PVSA website door prize tickets and coupons with the correct date and secret symbol will be considered valid.




PVSA Sportsman's Shows held indoors at
DuPage County Fairgrounds 2015 Manchester Rd., Wheaton, IL


All firearm sales are in accordance with Illinois laws and regulations, including applicable waiting periods. All arrangements are made between buyer and seller.

Dealers Welcome!

Dealers, where can you have over 1,000 potential buyers view your goods in a 5 hour timeframe?

At the PVSA show, that's where!

Thank You

Thank you for supporting PVSA and our 2nd Amendment Rights!

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