PVSA Sportsman's Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds

Next Sportsman’s Show:  April 29th at the DuPage County Fairgrounds

Important Statement from the Pioneer Valley Sportsman's Association

The Members and Board of Directors of the Pioneer Valley Sportsman’s Association are regular citizens from all walks of life.  The media attention leading up to and following our recent Sportsman’s Show has been overwhelming for all of us.

 Some of the recent comments by our Sportsman’s Show Chairman to the media, though well intended, were taken out of context and are not necessarily his views or the views of our Association.  We want to take this opportunity to provide additional comments to further clarify our original pre-sportsman’s show statement. 

The interruption of the sale of AR style firearms and Raffle at the Pioneer Valley Sportsman’s Association Sportsman’s show was not intended as a political statement or a mandate to stop the sale of these types of firearms in our state or our country.

The facts are: we interrupted the sale of these firearms at the request of our building lessor.  We could have said no, but the possibility of losing the show would have been much worse in the long run.  The length of time that we will not have the sale of the AR style firearms at the show is yet to be determined.  We will be working with our building lessor on this matter and in the near future we hope to come to a resolution.

Our Association believes there are adequate laws in our state and the country governing the sale, ownership and use of all firearms and no new laws are required.  Enforcement of current laws and a renewed effort to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable should be a top priority. We want the public to know that our members care deeply about our country and our civil liberties including both the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

We want to send this message to the families and friends of those impacted by the recent tragedies, in particular by the tragedies in Florida and Las Vegas; you have our deepest condolences and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.  


Show Info…..

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

We would like to thank all of you that attended our March Sportsman's show.  The outpouring of support for the show was truly amazing.  We would also like to thank all of our fantastic vendors for their support, without you there would be no show.  It was truly a great show for everyone!

We hope to see everyone at our April 29th show.

We can’t say it enough,  THANK YOU for your support!






PVSA Sportsman's Shows held indoors at
DuPage County Fairgrounds 2015 Manchester Rd., Wheaton, IL


All firearm sales are in accordance with Illinois laws and regulations, including applicable waiting periods. All arrangements are made between buyer and seller.

Dealers Welcome!

Dealers, where can you have over 1,000 potential buyers view your goods in a 5 hour timeframe?

At the PVSA show, that's where!

Thank You

Thank you for supporting PVSA and our 2nd Amendment Rights!

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